Making Your Self Storage Area Easy To Navigate

If you are going to be putting some of your personal items into a self storage facility, you are most likely concerned about finding particular items easily when they are needed. It is extremely important to take the time to plot out the way you place items inside of the allotted space so you are not greeted with an area of disarray when you visit the facility. Here are some organization tactics you can use when you place your items inside a storage unit.

Keep Some Areas Free For Walking

It is important to keep some of the floor free of items so you can easily get from the front of the unit to the back and sides when necessary. This can be arranged by placing masking tape on the floors as guidelines in where you would like your walkways positioned. When you place items in the unit, make sure you do not cross into the proposed walkways you plotted out with your tape. It is a good idea to refrain from placing items against the back wall of the unit so you can utilize this area to easily get from one side to the other. A walkway should also be placed centrally from the front to the back of the unit so you do not need to crawl over items to make your way to far areas.

Use Shelving Units To Keep Items Visible

Metal shelving units can be extremely beneficial to use inside a storage unit. These can be purchased from a home goods store and are quite easily to assemble using household tools. Consider placing a few of these units along the sides of your storage unit to lift up items to eye level. This will allow you to see items from the doorway, instead of having to scour the interior of the unit for their location. Boxes and bins can be labeled with large, dark print to help with organization.

Keep A List And Map In A Handy Location

After you place items inside of your storage unit, draw a diagram of the interior space and label it appropriately to show where some of your prized possessions are located. A list can also be compiled of the items you put into the unit and an approximate location can be written down to aid you in the finding of them when needed. This information can be slipped into a plastic sheet protector and taped to the interior wall of your unit, near the entryway, for quick reference.