Two Tips To Keep Creatures Out Of Your Storage Shed

The person in Idaho who recently opened his storage shed to discover a mountain lion inside most likely got quite the fright! Luckily, that story had a happy ending with the lion being safely relocated before it could do any damage to people or belongings. It is obviously not common to find a mountain lion in a storage shed, but as a new shed renter, it is possible you will find other uninvited creatures in your shed at some stage. However, there are two simple things you can do to lessen the chance of this occurring.

Don't Store Food Or Food Scents

Creatures and pests who find their way into your storage shed are looking for one of two things. They are either seeking a safe, warm environment to take shelter in or they are looking for food. Therefore, the first rule for storage shed management is not to store food or food tainted items in your shed. As well as not leaving any food in your shed, make sure you take the following extra steps to remove food scents:

  1. Scrub clean the inside and outside of refrigerators and chest freezers stored in your shed. While it is a nuisance to clean an item you are not using, the food smells do linger around the appliance.
  2. Thoroughly clean any hunting gear you have used that contains blood or animal scent on it. The smallest piece of meat or animal skin left on a hunting knife can be all it takes for a creature to come investigating.

Report Shed And Fence Breaches To Shed Management

Another step you can take to keep creatures out of your storage shed is to be vigilant about your surroundings each time you visit your shed. The two things you are looking for are points where your shed has been compromised, and also points in the perimeter fence around the business where creatures could wander in.

If you spot either of these two items, make sure you bring it to the attention of the manager of the business so they can make necessary repairs. Storage shed managers do regular sweeps of the property to make sure all is in order, but having extra eyes looking out for security breaches means they can be repaired fast.

Hopefully, you will never have a situation where you open up your shed door to find a grumpy kitty sitting inside. By using this advice, however, you can raise the odds of them not choosing your shed for temporary shelter. Check it out for more information on storage units.