Questions To Ask When You Plan On Putting Things Into Storage

If you need to store a lot of your items, consider a storage unit. If you do plan on using a self-storage unit, then there are some questions you should answer in order to determine the specifics of the unit you should go with. Here are some of those questions, as well as what your answers may be telling you: 

How many items will you be storing and what size are they? 

 You may be storing all the belongings in your home, or you might need storage for an RV or something else. You'll want to have enough space, without renting a unit that's going to be much larger than what you need. There are guidelines to help you determine the size of the unit that may meet your needs the best, but it all begins with first deciding on just how much you plan on storing. 

Will you be needing extra space?

If you plan on putting your things in storage and not going back to the unit again until the day comes when you retrieve your things, then you only need space to stack everything in. On the other hand, if you plan on sorting through some things in the unit, or you know you'll be needing to get things out of boxes regularly, then you should account for the extra space needed for you to move things around safely and comfortably. 

Are you storing anything that can be damaged by extreme temperatures?

If you plan on storing things that can be ruined by high highs and low lows, then you'll want a storage unit where the temperatures are kept at a comfortable level. This means renting a unit that has climate control. In the summer months, the AC will keep the inside cooler and in the winter, it will be kept warmer. Many facilities will only offer units with controlled temperatures. However, some facilities give it to you as an option, so you'll want to make sure you are renting one with controlled temperature if you are going to be needing it. 

Will you be needing to pull a trailer in or up to the unit?

If you need to pull a trailer inside the unit, in the case of storing a boat or something similar, then you'll need plenty of maneuvering space outside the unit. You'll also need that extra space if you will be needing to pull a trailer up close to unload large items or a large number of items.