How A Self-Storage Unit Helps Tidy Your House When You Put Your Home Up For Sale

If you're putting your home on the market soon, you're probably thinking of ways to make your home and property more appealing to buyers. If you have a lot of belongings, consider putting part of them in a self-storage unit.

When you have less furniture and decor items, your home looks less cluttered and bigger. Plus, buyers can look inside closets and see the space rather than see closets stuffed with a lot of junk. Here's how to use a self-storage unit when you put your home up for sale.

Use The Same Box Sizes

You may need to use moving boxes so the boxes stack on each other without tipping over. You'll need the boxes when you're ready to move anyway. It's a good idea to set boxes off of the floor in a self-storage unit so the cardboard won't get damp. You can bring in used pallets to place the boxes on. Remember to label everything in case you have to come back and get something later.

Break Down Furniture

Prepare your furniture for moving since you'll be moving eventually, and this keeps your things protected in storage. Break down beds and tables so they don't take up as much room. You can even buy big mattress boxes to store flat pieces in for extra protection. If you don't use boxes, you may want to wrap furniture in blankets to keep them from getting scratched.

Hang Clothes Instead Of Folding And Boxing

If you think you'll need some of your clothes before your house sells, you may want to keep them on hangers so they won't get wrinkled and so you can find them easily. You might place a clothes rack on wheels in the storage unit or buy wardrobe boxes from the storage facility or moving company.

Clean And Dry Things Before Storing

If you clean your garage out too, you might have mowers and garden equipment in the unit along with your clothing. Try to clean things before putting them in storage so you don't have to worry about fabric items picking up odors. Also, it's essential that everything is dry before storing them or your belongings could mildew.

Consider Your Own Pest Control

The self-storage facility probably has regular pest control treatments, but you may still want to provide your own so your clothes and other possessions are protected. You might sprinkle diatomaceous earth around or place out several glue traps. If you use glue traps, you'll be able to monitor for bugs so you'll know if they've been in your self-storage unit.