Keeping Your Things Safe While In Storage

If you are going to be putting your things into a storage unit at a facility like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center, then you want to follow a few tips to ensure that your items stay safe for the duration in which they are stored. This means packing them well and putting them into the storage unit in the right manner. Learn how to pack your items into a storage unit so they stay undamaged by reading the information provided in this article.

Pack your things in plastic storage bins

Packing your belongings in plastic bins is a great way to make sure they stay in god shape while they are in the storage unit. This is due to the fact that the plastic will protect your items from getting dusty and allowing insects and other pests from getting in the bins. Plastic storage bins have convenient handles and tight fitting lids. They also stack nicely on top of one another so you can stack your things without worrying about them falling and breaking in the storage unit.

Put your bedding in vacuum sealed bags

Placing your bedding, pillows, throw pillows and comforters in vacuum sealed bags will help to keep them in great condition. It will also allow you to create a lot more space in your storage unit. To use these bags, you will place as many items into each bag as you can squeeze in them and then place your vacuum cleaner's hose into the suction part of the bag and turn the vacuum on. The air will be sucked out of the bag which will cause it to shrink to a very small size.

Pack your furniture and appliances in the back

Putting your furniture and appliances in the back part of the storage unit will keep them safe from getting scratched and dinged when you are in your storage unit moving around your boxes to get at something you need. You can set lightweight bags on your appliances to keep them out of the way.

Put your clothing in wardrobe boxes

Place your clothing in plastic bags with the hangers poking through the top of them and hang them in a wardrobe box. This will keep your clothes from getting deeply wrinkled and dusty while they are being stored.

By following all the tips in this article, you can count on your things still being in good shape when you take them back out of the storage unit.