Going On An Extended Business Trip Out Of The Country? Keep Your Car Safe While It’s In Storage

24 Feb

If your job is going to be taking you out of the country for an extended period, you’ll need a safe place to park your car. Choosing a self-storage facility to store your car is the best option. Not only will it provide you covered parking, it will also provide you with the security you […]

Two Tips To Keep Creatures Out Of Your Storage Shed

14 Feb

The person in Idaho who recently opened his storage shed to discover a mountain lion inside most likely got quite the fright! Luckily, that story had a happy ending with the lion being safely relocated before it could do any damage to people or belongings. It is obviously not common to find a mountain lion […]

Why You Should Consider Rentinga Commercial Storage Unit

13 Feb

Do you own a business? If so, then you need to also think about renting a commercial storage unit. These units, which tend to be very affordable at commercial rental rates, have a wide range of great purposes for business owners. In fact, even if you think you are unlikely to use your unit much, […]

3 Tips To Prevent Tools From Being Stolen From Your Construction Job Site

9 Feb

If you’re involved in the construction industry, you might have a lot of expensive power tools and other equipment that you use on all of your job sites. Since this equipment can be costly, you could be concerned about theft. This is a legitimate concern, since you have to worry about both employee theft and […]

Four Things To Do When Using A Storage Unit To Store Your Snowmobile

8 Feb

When you have a snowmobile, it is important to take the time to store it securely during the warm summer months when it is not in use. If you do not have a place at your home to secure it, consider storing it in a storage unit. The guide below walks you through a few […]

Tips For Prepping Your Car For Long-Term Storage

18 Jan

If you are leaving the area for an extended period of time for business or pleasure, then it is important that you know how to properly prepare your cars for storage. While your car will be safe from the elements while it is stored in your storage unit or garage during your absence, there are […]

Too Cold For The Water? 3 Steps To Get Your Boat Ready For Winter Storage

16 Jan

Unless you live in one of the southern states where the weather is mild all year long, you probably don’t use your boat during the winter. If that’s the case, storage is the best way to protect your boat from the harsh weather. If you’ve never put your boat into storage before, you might not […]

Making Your Self Storage Area Easy To Navigate

13 Jan

If you are going to be putting some of your personal items into a self storage facility, you are most likely concerned about finding particular items easily when they are needed. It is extremely important to take the time to plot out the way you place items inside of the allotted space so you are […]

Four Ways To Use A Self-Storage Unit For Your Troop Leader Duties

12 Jan

Being a troop leader for a youth organization comes with many rewards, along with its fair share of challenges. One challenge is where to keep all the supplies for your various trips and projects. You can keep your home free of clutter and organize these items in a self-storage unit. Here are just some of […]

How To Store Your Personal Belongings Safetly In A Rented Storage Unt

10 Jan

When it comes to storing your personal belongings, you need to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to protect them while they are in a rented storage unit. After all, there is just too much of a risk of things becoming damaged or ruined and you simply do not want that […]

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