Four Ways To Use A Self-Storage Unit For Your Troop Leader Duties

Being a troop leader for a youth organization comes with many rewards, along with its fair share of challenges. One challenge is where to keep all the supplies for your various trips and projects. You can keep your home free of clutter and organize these items in a self-storage unit. Here are just some of the many ways you can take advantage of your self-storage unit to keep your troop going strong year-round.

Fundraiser Command Center Whether your troop sells cookies, candy, or some other special treat, you'll need an area to organize sales and store inventory. A self-storage space can be a great asset when it comes to managing your fundraisers. Use free-standing shelves to store excess inventory, and use plastic containers to divide the inventory between your troop members. This will make it easy for their parents to load their vehicles with the products. You can also use the space for your troop to make signs for sales events, such as large posters advertising your sales.

Camping Preparedness Chances are at least some of the troop parents don't want to clutter their homes with tents, lanterns, and other camping materials. You can use your storage unit as a centralized storage location for your troop's camping gear. Not only does this keep clutter out of your troop members' homes, but it also makes it easy to load up your truck or van with all your campers' essentials before you head out for an outdoor adventure. To keep each person's camping supplies separate, you may want to invest in a set of freestanding lockers to keep in your storage unit.

Craft Corner If you are hosting troop activities in the summer, it may not always be possible to arrange space at the local school for crafting projects and other group activities. Get written permission from the parents of your troop members, and use your self-storage space as an impromptu activity station or craft corner. You'll want to make sure you have a climate-controlled unit to keep your troop members comfortable. Add a few large tables and folding chairs to the room, and spread out your crafting supplies for all to access. You can use string suspended from the ceiling along with clothespins to display each child's artwork in the space.

Meeting Space Whether you need to meet with the parents of your troop members from time to time or you want to arrange meetings with your senior troop members to prepare for promotions, your storage unit can offer a great space to hold a meeting. If you also use the space for crafts or fundraisers, holding a meeting there makes it easy to show the parents all the work their children have been doing. Keep a supply of folding chairs ready for meetings, and don't forget to set up a refreshment table with bottled water and light snacks to make everyone feel a bit more welcome.

Being a troop leader isn't always easy, but you can make things a little easier by providing the right space for your activities and storage needs. For more information, contact local professionals like Pearl Street Self Storage.