Tips For Prepping Your Car For Long-Term Storage

If you are leaving the area for an extended period of time for business or pleasure, then it is important that you know how to properly prepare your cars for storage. While your car will be safe from the elements while it is stored in your storage unit or garage during your absence, there are some things you must do before storing it to ensure that it comes out of storage in the same condition that it went in. To this end, follow these tips to prep your car for long-term storage:

Tip: Clean and Wax Your Car Before Storing It

One of the most important things you must do before storing your vehicle is to clean it inside and out. You need to clean the inside of your vehicle so that it will not have any food particles or other materials in it that could attract rodents. You need to clean the outside of your car because any bird excrement, road salt, or grease can damage the paint job over time. 

Once you have cleaned the car thoroughly, then you should apply a fabric protectant on the interior surfaces and a paste wax on the exterior.

Tip: Top Off All Fluids, Including the Gasoline Tank

Your car's fluids need to be clean and topped off when you place your car into its long-term storage unit. You should have the oil changed, the radiator topped off, and then fill the gas tank. Clean fluids will ensure that no solids will gunk up the inside of your car's systems, and a full gas tank will prevent separation of the gasoline as the car sits in storage. To further prevent gasoline separation problems, you can also add a container of stabilizer in the tank. 

Tip: Use Chocks Rather Than Your Car's Parking Brake to Prevent Movement

Since you do not want your car to move for any reason while it is in your storage unit, you should always place chocks on both of the front tires. If you do not have chocks, you can use cement blocks. While you may be tempted to use your car's parking brake to secure it, you should avoid doing so. A parking brake that is left engaged too long against the rotors can become permanently damaged. 

Finally, once the car is in place, put a sheet of plywood under it to protect your storage unit's floor from any leaks. Contact a car storage facility like Ship Creek Storage for more advice.