Storage Tips For That Expensive Flat-Screen TV

Televisions can cost a lot of money. After that investment, if you find that you do not have A place for your TV currently, one option might be to place it in a climate controlled storage unit. However, you will need to prepare your TV properly if you want to make sure that it will be functioning properly when you take it out of storage.

Choose Climate Control

Climate controlled storage units are essential for a TV. TVs are very sensitive to moisture, like all electronics. They are also sensitive to fluctuating heat and cold. The TV can warp and the electronic components contained in the TV can corrode, which will shorten the life of your TV. It is especially important that the temperature of the unit does not fluctuate rapidly.

Protect The TV

The best place to put your TV is back in its original box with the protective padding. The original box was designed specifically to keep your TV safe and it will be obvious which box is your TV. The original box is designed to be static-free. If you do not have the original box, you will need to find a static-free cover to place over the TV. Also, any hard parts of the TV should be wrapped with blankets and these blankets should be secured with bungee cords. 

Clean It

Clean your TV with an air duster or cloth. A can of compressed air can remove dust from the nooks and crannies that can be difficult to reach with a soft rag. If there is any filth on your TV, this can contribute to corrosion and can cause your TV to stop functioning properly more quickly. Small amounts of dust are enough to scratch the screen. 

Place It Upright

Always have the TV placed upright. When the TV is stored on any other side, pressure can be placed on certain components of the TV and can cause damage. This is almost guaranteed to ruin or shorten the life of your television.

Hire Professionals To Store It For You

One of the best ways to have your TV protected is to hire professionals who will prepare and place your TV into a climate controlled storage unit for you. While the cost might be somewhat higher, if they have experience working with and protecting expensive electronics, you will save more money when you do not have to replace your TV.