Simple Solutions For Storing Books And Comics

Whether you are moving to a new residence or you have a large collection that cannot fit inside your home, books and comics need to be packed and stored in a different manner than other items. While book covers, boxes, and totes may seem sufficient, your books and comics may still be susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, and dust. With these simple solutions, you will learn how to pack and store your books and comics in a safe and efficient manner.


To get started, you need to choose a packing container suitable for your books and comic books. Traditional moving boxes are not suitable because they are made out of cardboard, which can be penetrated by moisture and insects. Rubber and plastic totes are better alternatives, since they will keep the interior contents sealed in the most effective manner.

Consider wrapping valuable books in plastic sheeting. Bubble wrap is also beneficial or protecting the corners of book covers. Comics should be stored in plastic sheathing, which will protect the interior and exterior of the books from dust and debris.

To keep your items organized, pack similar types of books together in one tote. For example, all fiction books can be added to one tote and non-fiction pieces can be placed in a second tote. This is helpful if you have a large assortment of book types. Many collectors pack comic books according to the year they were released. This will help ensure your large comic book collection is organized and easy to access.


Once you have all of your books and comics packed, you can begin moving the containers into storage. Choosing a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units is imperative. These units are found indoors and are heated and cooled, ensuring your belongings are kept in a comfortable, conditioned environment.

Ideally, books should be stored in a facility with a temperature of between 68 and 72 degrees. This temperature range is ideal in both the winter and the summer seasons, since heating and cooling properly will maintain a healthy humidity level, as well. Comfortable temperatures and healthy humidity levels will reduce the risk of decay and discoloration from moisture while protecting your books and comics from mold growth and pest infestations.

Books and comics can be valuable items to collect and cherish, but they must be moved and stored properly. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Eastside Self Storage and RV Park.