Packing Tips For Going Into Storage

If you have to store some of your household items in a self-storage unit, then you want to keep everything in good shape, organized and safe. By following some of the helpful ideas detailed below, you may find things go easier than you had imagined.

Don't use more than two sizes of boxes – While it's best if you can put everything in clear storage bins with secure tops, most people can't afford this because it can be quite costly to purchase the number of clear bins needed. Therefore, you'll be using cardboard packing boxes. Use only two sizes, medium and large. This will make it a lot easier for you to safely pack everything in the unit. The bigger boxes will mostly be the heavy ones and the medium boxes will be the lighter weight ones that stack on top of them.

Have a way of organizing – You want to know what is in each box, so you can get to something if you need and also, so you know where to put everything when you are unpacking the items after removing them from the storage unit. You can take a picture of each boxes contents and label the picture with a number. Write that same number on the box. When you are looking for something, go through your pictures and when you find it, make note of the number, then find that box. Of course, with clear bins you will have an easier time finding things because you can clearly see which box has towels, dishes, games, etc.

Know the proper use for plastic bags – You should only have a limited number of plastic bags packed, because they can break open and offer no protection for the items in them. However, they do have their purpose and that is to house things like stuffed animals and pillows. The one good thing about plastic bags is you can put them on the very top of box stacks that you would normally not be able to put anything else on. This will help you to make great use of all the space in the storage unit.

Pack smart, not hard – It seems so perfect; put all those old VHS tapes or books into the box, they fit perfectly up to the top. Then, you go to move that box and it won't budge. You get someone else to help you move it and the minute you lift it you see the bottom of the box start to give. Therefore, you want to have a better system. Pack a box a quarter of the way with the VHS tapes or books, then fill the rest of it with something light, such as sheets or throw pillows.

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