Moving? Save on Storage by Maximizing Efficient Use of Space

Do you need to use self-storage as part of the moving process? No matter whether you'll be in temporary housing for a period, are downsizing, or just haven't yet found the right new home, storage is a valuable and cost-effective tool. But while you want to pay for sufficient space for your belongings, you also don't want to overpay for extra space. 

How can you maximize the use of your unit without sacrificing safety? Here are five tips anyone can use. 

1. Limit Box Size. Rather than using whatever boxes and bags you can get your hands on, limit the sizes and shapes you use. Uniformity of boxes or bins means you can safely and securely stack them taller. And you'll leave no wasted space around or in your more efficient stacks.

2. Disassemble Things. Whatever can be disassembled relatively easily before storage should be disassembled. Take off furniture legs and disassemble bed frames. Take apart shelf units and ramps. You can even disassemble some outdoor equipment and tools. Disassembly nearly always makes more efficient use of space than leaving items together. 

3. Use Vertical Space. Storage units usually have ample vertical space, but it's often not utilized well. Avoid this mistake by thinking vertically. Uniform, stable boxes can be stacked higher — perhaps with the help of a good ladder. Store furniture vertically whenever possible. And bring in some shelves to prevent all that miscellaneous stuff from becoming a pile on the floor.

4. Fill Cubby Holes. There should be as little space as possible between and inside your furniture and belongings. Use dollies to move dressers and desks so you can fill every drawer. Pack the refrigerator, dryer, and microwave. And use towels, blankets, and pillows as packing material inside boxes instead of additional materials. With a little creativity and attention, you'll ensure that available space never goes unused. 

5. Use Bags Sparingly. In general, the use of bags and other pliable storage options should be very limited. Bags prevent you from making efficient use of spaces and provide no support for vertical stacking. Boxes are much better for most goods. However, you can use a few flexible bags to fill in any unusual gaps, such as in or around furniture. 

When you pack things to maximize the efficiency of your storage space, you'll not only ensure a safer storage experience but also save money and time. Learn more about smart storage by touring a self-storage facility in your area today.