Tips For Finding A Secure Self-Storage Unit For Your Peace Of Mind

When you rent a storage unit, you want to feel confident that your belongings will be safe until you can get them out again. You want your unit to be safe from theft and dangers such as moisture, mold, and pests. In addition to choosing a good lock for your storage unit, you'll also want to find a secure self-storage facility. Here are some tips for finding a secure facility to store your excess household belongings.

Consider Indoor Storage

Indoor storage might be the most secure option since a single building can be controlled more easily than several rows of outdoor units. An advantage to indoor storage is that it might also have climate control, and that can help with temperature, humidity, mold, and pests.

Look For Secure Grounds

The only drawback to indoor storage is that you can't drive your truck or car right up to the door to load and unload. If that's important to you, then you might want outdoor storage. You can find secure outdoor storage too, but that requires checking out the security features at the facility. Gated grounds, a security gate, lots of lighting, and security cameras make outdoor storage more secure.

Think About Operational Hours

Some facilities allow you and others access to the grounds at any time of the day or night. While that's convenient, a facility that is only open during business hours when staff is around could be more secure. You'll have to decide if being able to get in your storage unit at night is important enough to give up a little extra security.

Ask About Individual Alarms

Storage facilities know their clients may worry about security, so in order to offer more secure self-storage, some facilities offer individual alarms. You might have a personal code to use when you unlock your door or the code might operate the gate at the entrance and disarm your individual alarm at the same time. This could give you extra peace of mind that your belongings will be safe since an alarm will sound if someone breaks open the lock and opens the door.

Get A Good Lock

The storage facility you rent from might sell padlocks for your unit. Choosing the right lock is important because you want one that is difficult to cut or tamper with. Disc padlocks are commonly used on storage units. However, some units might have cylinder locks that operate with a key, and some newer units are being built with electronic locks that operate with a keypad.

Buying the lock is often your responsibility, so be sure to research and buy the best lock you can afford. While a secure lock keeps out criminals, it will keep you out too if you lose the key, so be sure to keep a backup key in a safe, separate location.