Two Option For Storing Your RV

Have you recently found an RV and need to find a place to store it? If so, it will help to know what your options are so that you can pick the place that is best for your needs.

Home Storage

The cheapest method for storing your RV will be to simply keep it at your home. However, one thing to keep in mind is to figure out what your local laws are in regard to storing an RV at home. For example, you may not be able to store the RV in your driveway if it extends past the driveway and into the sidewalk, or you may not be allowed to park it on the street. 

If you are able to store your RV at your home there are many benefits to having it there. It allows you to have immediate access to your RV when you need to perform maintenance or inspect it. You also can use the RV casually, since you do not need to travel far to go get it. When the RV is not being used for travel, it can even be used as a guest bedroom for visitors or for a home office when you need peace and quiet. 

Public Storage

Another option is to use public RV storage, which is great if you are unable to store your RV at your home. This may be due to living in an apartment, having HOA rules that do not allow you to store your RV at home, or simply do not want the eyesore of having an RV at your home.

The nice benefit of using public RV storage is the security. You know that your RV is not going to be accessible to vandalism or theft because the RVs are located on a secure lot. You can even get indoor RV storage that has climate controls to ensure that your RV is not exposed to the weather. However, outdoor RV storage is going to be a lot cheaper overall, and you still get the security benefits. 

Using public storage does have its disadvantages though. You may not have access to your RV at any time and be restricted to when you can take the RV out and bring it back. Not having your RV nearby may cause you to use your RV less since you need to do more planning.

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