Fitting Your Belongings In A Small Self-Storage Unit

If you are about to rent a self-storage unit and you are only able to afford a smaller size, pre-planning the positioning of your belongings is key to having them fit in your allotted space. There are tasks to perform to ensure you do not need to leave items behind. Here are tips to help you squeeze your items inside a small self-storage unit.

Go Through Your Items First

Before you start moving your belongings into your self-storage unit, it is wise to conduct a complete evaluation to determine whether they are all necessary to keep. If you find items you no longer need to have in your possession, sell, give away, or donate them. When you know exactly which items are being moved, measure larger pieces so you have an idea of how much room they require.

Devise A Plan For Your Items

Draw a diagram of the interior of your self-storage unit. Be sure you know exactly what the dimensions are, as you will need these to determine the fitting of your belongings. Use the measurements of larger items to piecemeal a plan for their positioning. Jotting this information down on paper makes it easier to set up a plan rather than figuring it out when you arrive at your small self-storage unit

Keep Walkways In Mind

Follow your drawn plan and start bringing larger items to your self-storage unit. Position items along the perimeter walls first so you do not block the entryway. When you place items inside the unit, be sure to remember you need room to walk around. It is best to have a pathway into the unit, as well as one that goes from side to side. Mark the proposed walkways with masking tape so you do not place any of your belongings in these areas.

Utilize All Of The Space Available

Instead of only using the floor area for the storage of your belongings, use the upper space in your unit as well. Invest in a few shelving units so you can stack items at higher levels. You will not only be able to get more into your unit, but you will also be able to see your belongings easier. Hang items on walls using peel-and-stick hanging devices. These are easy to remove and will not destroy the walls of your rented space. Be sure to use drawers of dressers or desks to hold smaller items as well.

For more information on small self-storage units, contact a professional near you.